I Left My Heart in……

There are very few tasks in this world that I am 100% confident in, but one particular feat that I can say “No worries!” to is traveling. Most people let out heavy breaths of exhaustion just at the thought of it, but not me, I have it down pat. Antibacterial wipes? Got them. Under three ounces of liquid? Oh, I’ll give you three ounces… in labeled bottles, taped shut and sealed in a perfectly measured quart bag. Cold on the flight? Nope, I have mastered the art of airport layering. Jet lag? My carefully monitored sleeping rules make jet lag cry… Well, not cry… but you get the picture.


What I’m trying to say is that I have set out on another vacation adventure. Although I’ve traveled throughout Southeast Asia, I wasn’t able to visit South Korea and my longing for kimchee became too much to handle. However, while I navigate the subways of Seoul, a little piece of me will be in the Carmel Arts & Design District. I missed the Second Saturday Gallery Walk on August 13th and my regular visits to the local restaurants and shops are on hold right now. Where, in Seoul will I enjoy a fresh baked pie? How will I go a few days without shopping for great consignment deals?

 Upon my return, I look forward to getting back to my favorite District hot spots!


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