True Confessions

True confession: I was asked not to participate in 4th grade choir. In fact, I was asked not to even try to be in the choir. My parents thought that I would grow out of my ‘awful singing phase’. However, I took to singing in my car, in the shower and unfortunately for my friends… on karaoke stages. As many of my past and present roommates can tell you, it’s not just a ‘phase’.

On Saturday, June 11th, I was shocked and quite envious of the talent on the Arts & Design District stage. The fans, Carmel Marathon participants and I were serenaded by the sweet sounds of Midwest Voice Studio’s students from 1-2 p.m. Some of the students were in grade school and others had won beauty pageants, but they all had me wishing I could carry a tune only half as well as they could.

Midwest School of Voice is new to the District, but the talented duo who founded the studio are not strangers. Blair Clark and Heather Ramsey both have performed for a variety of Carmel’s signature events.  Likewise, they are not strangers to the music business, having worked with music legends and played venues throughout the United States and Europe.

Heather and Blair are now transferring their knowledge to various students young and old looking to perfect their singing abilities. Fortunately, they haven’t sidelined their concerts and are still actively performing. Come enjoy their performances at IU Health North Hospital Art of Wine on Saturday, July 16th.

Since my ‘awful singing phase’ was less of a phase and more of a, shall we say, lifestyle, I choose to sing “Do Re Mi” from Sound of Music in the privacy of my own home. Though secretly, I wish I was one of Blair and Heather’s students so they could take me to the next level!


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Worth 1,000 Words

I hope you all stopped by the Carmel Arts & Design District and enjoyed IU Health North Hospital Rock the District on Saturday, June 11th.  It was great to see the sun shining, grills cooking, and people rocking out to the music throughout the District! If you missed the action, or would like to reminisce, check out my photos from the day!

Performers warming up on the Carmel Arts & Design District stage. Special thanks to IU Health North Hospital for your support!

A volunteer, Todd, and I on a water and bagel break! Thanks to McAlister's Deli, Subway and Einstein Bros Bagels for donating food for our rockstar volunteers!

My view from my station at the west end of the District. Tons of people rocking out in the beautiful weather!

The Lions Club helped the Boy Scouts sell drinks for charity. Who could resist those smiling faces?

I went to check out the rest of the festival, and looks like I found the Mary and Martha's Exceedingly Chic Boutique fashion show!

Trichology Salon offered feather extensions to anyone who was willing to get funky with their style!

The view from Main St and Range Line Road. I hope you enjoyed IU Health North Hospital Rock the District, and thanks for spending your Saturday with us!

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Pushing Past the Canvas

What goes on behind the canvas? What emotions and experiences create brush strokes and choose colors? The Arts & Design District is honored to have the inspiring artist, Jacob Stoesz, as an active part of the art community. 

Since 2009, local artists have transformed simple wooden guitars into sculptures, furniture, and everything in between as part of IU Health North Hospital Rock the District. Essentially, guitars become the canvas! Watching the guitars come into the office is one of my favorite parts of planning this event.

Jacob has risen to the guitar challenge each year, using bold shapes and wildlife scenes.  I can always spot his artwork with his bright colors and energetic designs, and my eyes are immediately drawn to his creations. After hearing his story, I’ve been a dedicated fan. Jacob is autistic, and has found an outlet for expression in art. This spring he graduated fromCarmelHigh School, and will pursue art at a college level.

He is one of many featured artists who will display a guitar designed exclusively for event guests. Don’t miss Jacob’s guitar this year!  Check out our website to see if you can spot it:  Each one of our local artists has a unique story once you push past the canvas- come discover the many inspirations at Rock the District this Saturday, June 11th!

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Good to Great

Lending a helping hand

I am famous in some circles for the emphatic phrase, “Volunteers make a good event a GREAT event.” I stand by my statement 100%. Volunteers bring any event to a whole new level.

Do you remember the first time you volunteered? The first time I dipped my toe in the wild world of volunteering was in high school during the holiday season. I was part of a school group that served food at a local shelter and attempted to make the world a better place.  I walked away a little confused, as I was the one who enjoyed herself…. wasn’t this supposed to be hard work?

Throughout high school and college, my volunteering experiences evolved from day trips to week long expeditions overseas. As a volunteer, I always felt privileged to see the transformation and improvement of each church, school event, or shelter in which I was working.

As for Rock the District, we are still looking for generous people to volunteer their time and make the event a GREAT one. I can personally promise that we have a lot of fun behind the scenes and are very appreciative (yes…. we provide a substantial amount of high fives all day!) And I know what you’re thinking: “Another baggy white shirt.” Well, my friend, this is the Arts & Design District, and we only work in color! That’s right, a colorful volunteer t-shirt AND snack/refreshments throughout the day!

If you are free on June 11th, and would like to be a part of all the action, please check out the Carmel Arts & Design website for volunteer opportunities. ( and email me at!

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Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Peaceful surroundings at the Old Towne Carmel Bed and Breakfast

Ahhhh! Good Morning! I’m sure everyone will agree on the importance of a good night’s sleep.

This past weekend I had one of those nights when everything clicked. The pillows were arranged flawlessly, the blankets weren’t too heavy or too light, whimsical dreams swept me away… you get the idea. Simply said, it was the perfect night’s sleep, and it reminded me of what a special and rare occurrence it was.

As an intern in 2009, I discovered a unique and charming place to stay in the Carmel Arts & Design District, the Old Towne Carmel B&B.  Yes! A warm and inviting home dedicated to giving you the perfect night’s sleep in Carmel, Indiana. Located in the heart of Carmel, just slightly off of Main Street, it is a short walk away from the Monon Trail, local Farmers Market, specialty shops and restaurants, as well as all the action that will make the District come alive on June 11th.

The personal attention from owners Loretta and Doug achieve the quintessential B&B experience (after all, your Bed & Breakfast is their home). You need look no further for sweet dreams! And I’m about to make your day: on the weekend of June 10th – 12th, the Old Towne Carmel Bed & Breakfast has a special offer of a 15% rate reduction for Carmel Marathon participants. If you can’t make it down that weekend, consider enhancing your visit for IU Health North Hospital Art of Wine on July 16th. Anytime you stay three nights or more, you will receive a 10% rate reduction on the nightly rate.

For Loretta and Doug, it is all about extending their hospitality as far as they can. Their home becomes your home for a few days and brings you sweet dreams.

Wonderful green space

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Working Together

This year, the IU Health North Hospital Rock the District looks a little different from years past. If you come to the District at 8am, you won’t find volunteers moving tables, but you will find more than 3,000 runners moving their feet down Main Street or on the Monon trail for the marathon, half marathon, 8k or 1 mile family walk.

But wait – is all this action happening as part of IU Health North Hospital Rock the District? Nope, it’s actually part of the Carmel Marathon.  This year is the inaugural year for the marathon, and I couldn’t be happier with the festivities it’s bringing to the Carmel Arts & Design District.

After the race, runners can walk, drive, or even crawl over to enjoy specials around the District. And at 2:30pm (insert voila!) the District officially becomes IU Health North Hospital Rock the District, with two stages packed full of awesome entertainment.  Then, at 6pm the marathon awards ceremony will be held on the Indiana Live! Casino stage followed by the main act, brought to you from Carmel Marathon, Yacht Rock Revue.  Check out photos of the District!

 Which Arts & Design District statue is ready to run the District??

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Ready to Rock!

Have you ever thought about being a judge for American Idol? I may not be J.Lo, but I feel ready for the job.  Recently, the Rock the District committee gathered together to choose the bands. Personally, I was impressed with the amount of sheer talent that was shown by all of the participants.  We received sound samples from folk, rock, Christian, pop, and even a band that throws a little ‘grave’ action.  My lips are sealed as to our selection process, but I can provide a link for you to check out the band schedules. We are definitely ready to rock!

Check out the band lineup here!


Just one of the many outstanding musicians that auditioned for Rock the District!!

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Yours Truly: The First Post from our New Arts and Design District Blog!

We find ourselves in a world inundated with blogs. Think of a topic, any topic and you’ll no doubt find a blog dedicated to it. I have spent hours perusing baking, crafting and even travel blogs, hoping to gain information on a destination or unlock the secrets of a particular skill and now I find myself writing one.

My name is Bethany, and I’m here to offer a behind the scenes look at events in the Carmel Arts & Design District.  What is the ‘Carmel Arts & Design District’ you may ask?  It’s the strip of chic clothing shops, art galleries, and – my favorite – restaurants located just east of Meridian at the intersection of Range Line Road and Main Street in the heart of Carmel, Indiana. Once you reach the arches, you’re there!

This summer we have a series of events including IU Health North Hospital Rock the District, Art of Wine, and Artomobilia. And I’ll be with you throughout it all!

If you attended Rock the District back in 2009, you may remember the District covered with beautiful trash cans and strategically placed port-a-lets. Not glamorous, but important, and I’m happy to have put my John Hancock on it as an event intern! I’m lucky enough to be working behind the scenes again this year, after returning from a year spent teaching English in Asia.

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