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Car Obsessions

Most car obsessions are historically thought of as between a man and a very fast car. I’m here to break the mold. My name is Bethany, and I am obsessed with my 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit.  My affectionate name for him is Thumper, and we first met in 2008. What made me first fall in love with Thumper was not his four cylinders, but the way I felt like he took care of me. It was the first time my car let me know how many miles I had untill I found myself on the side of the road with no gas, and my college self appreciated that more than words can describe. Not to mention Thumper’s gas mileage, getting thirty miles to the gallon is a big help when gas peaked above $4 a gallon.  The true test of our relationship was the winter when I returned from Asia, and found myself stuck in the icepocalypse for five hours. We made it to Indianapolis in one piece, and I am forever grateful for Thumper’s perseverance. I doubt Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson would even look twice at the car, but Thumper and I have a special bond that I will continue to brag about.

I know I’m not alone with my obsession, as I talked to many proud car owners at IU Health North Hospital Carmel Artomobilia. Each had a unique story and countless memories attached to their gorgeous vehicles. I hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as I did! Below are some photos of the day. Enjoy!

Car enthusiast takes a peak at the trunk of a Indianapolis 500 pace car, the Chevy Camaro, at IU Health North Hospital Carmel Artomobilia.


Spectators enjoyed the art of the automobile by examining the engine of a classic car.

The personalized details of each car enhance the automotive experience!

Now on to my favorite section- the Ferraris!

Even racers fans had their choice of classic and new models!

These boys found their favorite car at IU Health North Hospital Carmel Artomobilia. Who could resist those whitewall tires?

What was your favorite? We would love to hear your feedback!


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Worth 1,000 Words

I hope you all stopped by the Carmel Arts & Design District and enjoyed IU Health North Hospital Rock the District on Saturday, June 11th.  It was great to see the sun shining, grills cooking, and people rocking out to the music throughout the District! If you missed the action, or would like to reminisce, check out my photos from the day!

Performers warming up on the Carmel Arts & Design District stage. Special thanks to IU Health North Hospital for your support!

A volunteer, Todd, and I on a water and bagel break! Thanks to McAlister's Deli, Subway and Einstein Bros Bagels for donating food for our rockstar volunteers!

My view from my station at the west end of the District. Tons of people rocking out in the beautiful weather!

The Lions Club helped the Boy Scouts sell drinks for charity. Who could resist those smiling faces?

I went to check out the rest of the festival, and looks like I found the Mary and Martha's Exceedingly Chic Boutique fashion show!

Trichology Salon offered feather extensions to anyone who was willing to get funky with their style!

The view from Main St and Range Line Road. I hope you enjoyed IU Health North Hospital Rock the District, and thanks for spending your Saturday with us!

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